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It is my pleasure to introduce you to a first-in-the-world new spirit, MUTINY Island Vodka! I hope you enjoy these signature Island Vodka cocktails as much as I enjoyed creating them. MUTINY Island Vodka is sure to become a go-to for you when stirring up the island vibe. I’d love to receive your feedback on these cocktails as well as new ones you come up with. If you visit St. Croix, stop by, say hello, and let me make you a MUTINY Island Vodka drink.

- Jeff Sanford, Mixologist / R.A.W.; St. Croix, USVI 



The Linen Tuxedo

The Linen Tuxedo

2 oz MUTINY Island Vodka

2 oz Fresh Coconut Water

2 dash bitters

Lime Wedge

Large Ice Cube (if not available substitute with small)

1. Pour all Ingredients into rocks glass

2. Place large cube in glass or fill with rocks 

3. Garnish with lime wedge

* * *


Mutiny of the Pain Killer

Mutiny of the Pain Killer

2.5 oz MUTINY Island Vodka

1 oz pineapple juice

1 oz orange juice

1 oz Coco Lopez (or fresh coconut milk)

 Freshly grated nutmeg.

1. All ingredients in a shaker with ice and give it an island shake

2. Pour into glass

3. Grate whole nutmeg on top

4. Say goodbye to rum

* * *


Mutiny Island Mule

Mutiny Island Mule

2.5 oz MUTINY Island Vodka

Juice of half of a lime

5 oz ginger beer

0.5 oz Falernum (optional).

1. Fill a copper mug with ice

2. Squeeze lime half into cup and toss in the spent wedge as well

3. Add all other ingredients and briefly stir

* * *

* * * 

We were excited when the very first bottle of Mutiny Island Vodka to come ashore in Puerto Rico arrived directly to the bar here at El Blok. And so I present to you our first Mutiny cocktail, created in Vieques and named for Maimiti: wife of Fletcher Christian and daughter of a Tahitian chief in the days of the mutiny on the Bounty.

Jose Pacheco, mixologist / El Blok, Vieques PR




1 ½ oz  MUTINY Island Vodka

¾ oz  L.N. Mattei Cap Corse Blanc

1 bar spoon of Rose Water

1 bar spoon of Hibiscus Saccharum

9 dash of Bittermens Orchard Street celery shrub

1. Add celery shrub then the other ingredients in a shaker, fill with ice and shake for 7 seconds

2. Strain into a coupe glass

3. Garnish with a hibiscus flower from the saccharum

* * *

* * *

* * * 

More from Jeff Sanford:

An Island Ting

2 oz MUTINY Island Vodka

4 oz Grapefruit Ting

Lime Wedge

1. Add ingredients to a rocks glass, add ice. 

2. Garnish with lime.

* * *

Island Cosmo

2 oz MUTINY Island Vodka

0.5 oz simple syrup

0.25 oz lime juice

1 oz strong brewed hibiscus tea

orange twist

1. Add all ingredients to a shaker

2. Fill with ice and shake vigorously for ten seconds

3. Strain into chilled martini glass and garnish with the orange twist.

* * *

Hot Bana

2 oz MUTINY Island Vodka

1 oz habanero syrup

1 oz OJ

5 oz lime juice

0.5 oz lemon juice.

1. Add all ingredients to a shaker. 

2. Dry shake for 15 seconds. 

3. Salt and citric acid rim a rocks glass, fill with ice. 

4. Pour over ice, garnish with lime.

* * *

SPF: delicious

2 oz MUTINY Island Vodka

.5 oz lime

1.5 oz grapefruit

.5 oz simple syrup

1 oz fresh peeled aloe

2 slices of cucumber

Muddle cucumber and aloe in shaker. Add all other ingredients. Shake with ice for at least 20 seconds. Strain into Collins glass with ice. Garnish with cucumber.

* * *

The Queen Bee

2 oz MUTINY Island Vodka

1 oz grapefruit

.5 oz lime

.25 oz St Germain

.5 oz honey syrup

Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into martini glass. Top with grapefruit twist. 

* * *

Mrs. Jackson

1.5 oz mutiny

.75 oz aperol

1 oz grapefruit (fresh is always better)

2 drops orange blossom water 

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into martini glass. Top with orange blossom water. Garnish with an edible flower. 

* * *